A rug of a thousand colours: Tessa Ransford and Iyad Hayatleh

Appeared: Saturday February 22nd 2014

Arab poet Iyad Hayatleh and Scottish Poet Tessa Ransford present A Rug of a Thousand Colours a creative dialogue, in Arabic and English inspired by the five pillars of Islam. Iyad from the perspective of a Muslim from a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Syria (now resident in Glasgow). Tessa from a Christian and Quaker background, with links to India and Pakistan. Tessa and Iyad will be happy to answer questions about the process of their fascinating collaboration.

"This multicultural poetic coming together is a delightful new dimension that reveals how faiths, nourished with the gentle intent to understand, can make the world broader’ Ibtisam Barakat
These poems do not seek to “convert”, rather, they invite readers to reflect on faith, experience and their own “humanness” Sharifa Alamri and Jane Baston.