The Bakehouse presents: Imogen Stirling

Saturday February 26th 2022  

Our talented February guest Imogen Stirling is a performance poet, theatre-maker, musician, writer and facilitator. She has performed her work extensively around the UK and Europe, with partners including Sofar Sounds, BBC Scotland, Latitude Festival, Lindisfarne Festival, Neu! Reekie! and Aye! Write. She can currently be seen on Sky Arts' BAFTA-winning show Life & Rhymes where she performed alongside Benjamin Zephaniah and Hollie McNish. Imogen was the inaugural Writer-in-Residence for Paisley Book Festival 2021 and is currently leading Wigtown Book Festival's youth programme.

‘This collection demonstrates just how creative a thoughtful and intelligent poet can get with sin. I think this is the work of a lyrical genius. It is crafted by a great poet, and crafted with emotional depth. There’s nothing like this. There’s no one like Imogen.' (Benjamin Zephaniah)

'Her use of descriptive vivid language gels her to the page, while her blazing theatrical style is sure to stage further success for the viewer, offering a deeper layer, a more ferocious aesthetic.' 
(Janette Ayachi)