wild flower : John Glenday

bird’s foot trefoil

look at us for once, just for a moment; look at us
down here, but please don’t look down on us,
though we’re most ordinary and commonplace
and all seem quite alike and probably not
wanted, not here, not in your backyard; look at
us so that we might begin to grow into ourselves,
to become real for you – the veins of blood along
the blossom, the cupped petals, the downy
leaves; don’t glance; gaze into us with a regard
that allows us to believe we must truly exist, as
you do, because we observe you with the
intensity of the flower; don’t hurry, it will prove
worthwhile; look at us as we deserve to be seen;
it won’t be a waste of time; in fact, it might just
change your life.