JUST FOR TODAY : Shanta Acharya


Just for today I will not squander

my time on things of importance or of no importance.

Such decisions carry the illusion of grandeur,

of being the chosen one, placed in a position of power.

One thing leads to another, a sigh turns into a hurricane.

Years later you look back at lives not lived, times gone.

Just for this morning I will let everything be

as it is, knowing nothing in this world is just or true.

I’ll stop worrying about things I don’t have and what I do.

I will not hanker after eternity or God’s eye view.

Just for this hour I’ll fly free trusting my instincts,

let imagination steer, steadying me with wings.

Just for this moment I’ll be everything and nothing,

be one with the universe, let it open my eyes.

What Survives Is the Singing (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2020)