44 The High Street,
Gatehouse of Fleet,
Dumfries & Galloway,
Scotland DG7 2HP

P: 01557 814175
M: 07891 803027

The Bakehouse

pick quote

Congratulations, it’s amazing to see such a gathering for poetry; you’re doing a wonderful job.
J B Pick

Pow quote

I do know the effort and the commitment it takes to build an audience and to create the atmosphere you have at The Bakehouse. I was impressed by the obvious talent but more so by the fact that people were obviously writing for the occasion, or using it certainly as a forum where they could share their work in a creative environment. That’s a creation.
Tom Pow.

ransford quote

I was trying to think why it is such a particular pleasure coming to The Bakehouse, apart from the lovely surroundings and wonderful hospitality, and I realise it is the unique wonder of being appreciated for ourselves but in respect of what matters most to us.
Tessa Ransford

news quote

‘Fawtless’ evening with Prunella Scales. Once again The Bakehouse produced an event that has both delighted and informed their ever-growing public..
The Galloway News

otty quote

The Bakehouse is rapidly becoming a venue of note for both drama and poetry in the region.
Lynn Otty

hogan quote

…not only was there a warm and friendly welcome to The Bakehouse, but the quality and diversity of the literary event far exceeded anything we had experienced before in this area.
William J Hogan

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