BREK TIME : Stuart Paterson

Kirkbean 31/03/20

Nae weans loupin, rinnin, skreighin,

plooterin rooon the village schuil at play,

jist unself-isolatin rooks patrollin playgrun,

nebbin, gaitherin an bletherin, daein

whit rook an craw an corbie ayewes dae,

nae thochts o six-fit spacin, jist a gledness

Ah jalouse fae haein sic a tuimit place in

which tae be thirsels an tell the schuil

tae bide inby a while, tae ring nae bells.



Kirkbean 31/03/20

No children jumping, running, screaming,
splashing around the village school at play,
just unself-isolating rooks patrolling playground,
being nosy, gathering and yapping, doing
what rook and crow and raven always do,
no thoughts of six-foot spacing, just a gladness
I surmise from having such an empty place in
which to be themselves and tell the school
to stay inside for now, to ring no bells.